JANUARY 2008: Lillypilly Estate’s new fortified really is a family affair (Release of Fiumara 7 & 1998 VP)

Lillypilly Estate has marked 35 years of grapegrowing with the launch of a new fortified wine blended from selected material going back a quarter of a century. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

15 JANUARY 2008: Rerelease of 1976 VP

It’s now 35 years since my late father, Pasquale ‘Pat’ Fiumara, established the Lillypilly Estate vineyard on the outskirts of Leeton, and 25 years since we built our own winery. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

28 SEPTEMBER: Lillypilly’s ‘Australian classic’takes its trophy tally to 18

Lillypilly Estate has had an outstanding month in the show ring, with its 2002 Family Reserve Noble Blend winning trophies at both the 2008 International Sweet Wine Challenge and the 2008 Rutherglen Wine Show, taking the wine’s total trophy tally to 18. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

SEPTEMBER 2008: Lillypilly releases a trio of excellent, strongly varietal, food-friendly wines (Release of 2007 Sauvignon Blanc, 2006 Shiraz, 2007 Moscato)

“I think they’re three excellent wines that show strong, attractive varietal characters and that sit very comfortably on the dining table.” That’s how Lillypilly Estate’s winemaker Robert Fiumara describes the latest releases from his family-owned vineyard and winery at Leeton. DOWNLOAD RELEASE