DECEMBER 2009: Jim Barry Wines celebrates the quintessential Australian red (Release of 2006 Clare Red Shiraz Cab)

The release of Jim Barry 2006 Clare Red Shiraz Cab represents a celebration of one of Australia’s unique and most successful wine styles. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

JULY 2009: Screwcaps ... 10 vintages on there’s no fuss, just pristine rieslings the way that their winemakers intended (Release of 2009 Watervale Riesling)

“It’s hard to believe that this is the tenth vintage of this wine to be bottled under screwcap,” said Peter Barry. It was, in fact, Peter and other Clare Valley winemakers who really set the screwcap movement rolling in Australia when they banded together just before the 2000 vintage to import half a million caps and suitable bottles from France, at a time when they were unable to source a suitable Aussie bottle or cap. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

JUNE 2009: Consumers the winners as global economic conditions squeeze wine producers (Release of 2007 Lodge Hill Shiraz)

The Global Financial Crisis may have made things much more difficult for Australian wine producers, especially those with significant reliance on exports, but it has also provided Australian wine consumers with some genuine bargains. DOWNLOAD RELEASE