NOVEMBER 2007: Jim Barry’s Coonawarra venture bears fruit (Release of 2005 First Eleven Cabernet Sauvignon, 2004 McRae Wood Shiraz, 2007 The Lodge Hill Dry Riesling)

The latest releases from Jim Barry Wines include the first wine produced 100 per cent from the family’s newly established Coonawarra vineyard. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

SEPTEMBER 2007: Jim Barry Three Little Pigs shows malbec as the perfect ham in the sandwich between shiraz and cabernet (Release of 2004 Three Little Pigs)

When Jim Barry planted his first vines in the Clare Valley in 1964, they included 1.5 acres of malbec. “Dad knew from his experience at the Clarevale Co-op — and from tasting the wines Roly Birks was making at Wendouree — that malbec performed exceptionally well in Clare and that it could play an important role in softening the district’s reds,” said Peter Barry, Managing Director of Jim Barry Wines. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

AUGUST 2007: A party in your mouth ... a new look and new style for Jim Barry Watervale Riesling (Release of 2007 Watervale Riesling)

Watervale — a tiny village towards the southern end of the Clare Valley — is renowned for the quality of its riesling. Jim Barry Wines have been producing a Watervale Riesling for more than thirty years, but the release of the 2007 vintage sees some significant changes for one of the family company’s oldest wines. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

MAY 2007: Jim Barry The Cover Drive ... the caress of softness and richness that Australians are seeking in cabernet (Release of 2005 The Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon

Jim Barry 2005 The Cover Drive Cabernet Sauvignon is the fifth release of what the family company’s managing director, Peter Barry, unashamedly describes as a “runaway success” in the Australian market. DOWNLOAD RELEASE