NOVEMBER 2008: Release of 2006 Major's Line Shiraz

The impetus for the launch of the Major’s Line label was the superb quality of fruit we were getting from David and Ruth Norris’s vineyard at Faraday, just up the road from our own vineyard at Harcourt. Quality-wise, it could easily be blended with our own fruit for our main BlackJack labels, but we don’t want to compromise the estate-grown status of those wines. DOWNLOAD RELEASE

MAY 2008: Shiraz buoys BlackJack for 20 years in the deep end (Release of 2006 Shiraz; 2006 Block 6 Shiraz, BlackJack 2006 Cabernet Merlot, BlackJack 2006 Chortle’s Edge Bendigo Shiraz)

It’s just about spot on 20 years since Castlemaine pharmacist Ian McKenzie and Bendigo schoolteacher Ken Pollock dropped themselves and their families into the deep end by planting their first grapevines on an old apple orchard in central Victoria’s fertile Harcourt Valley. DOWNLOAD RELEASE